16. Chess

5. Advice for a Bro (freestyle)

3. The Advising Office

13. Misunderstand Me

4. The Sing-off Pt. 1

15. Will Be

2. The Break-up

During a sectional rehearsal, Tony has the epiphany of splitting the group in two so he doesn't have "deal with those dumb chicks" any longer.

22. Esther’s Tale

In a long-winded attempt to give some advice, Esther sings about her deep-seated desire to travel the world and find a place to call home. (Photography by Malory Owen)

14. Cash A$$ Grass

The third in a cycle of four "pop" songs, "Cash A$$ Grass" is a rap about the three food groups: blunts, booty, and bank.

19. Losing Control

At her most vulnerable point in the show, Vicki deals with the extreme anxiety of seemingly having no control over her life.

Month 3

(An Excerpt from "The Next Three Months")

The two groups have been busy rehearsing for three months, and the contest concert is right around the corner. Tension and anxiety crescendo to a peak.

6. Summer Day

Charlie nervously explains why Anise reminds him of a summer day