10. Good Enough

At some point in their lives, every artist in the history of humankind has asked themselves “Am I good enough?”

At some point, every artist has been told some version of “You’re good, but probably not good enough.”  

That’s the way the industry is. It’s full of crazy talented people, and it seems like there is always someone who is better than you at what you do best.

At some point, every artist has expended all their blood, sweat, and tears, and poured absolutely everything that they have into being the best at something.

But even through all that, sometimes you just come up short. And that is a crushing feeling.

Sometimes the gravity and uncertainty of not being good enough is painful enough to stop you from making art all together.

Doubt is a feeling that is inherent to ambiguity. Since life is full of ambiguity, doubt will always, always, always, always be there.

And maybe that’s okay. As long as doubt isn’t the only thing you allow yourself to feel.

One of my professors recently said something along the lines of “Make what you want (your goal/destination) more interesting than your insecurities about getting there.” And let me tell ya people, I fellllt that.

Of course you’re gonna doubt yourself, and of course other people are gonna doubt you

But if you keep your eyes absolutely locked in and focused on whatever your destination is, and keep running, or limping, or crawling, or sprinting your way towards it, you'll eventually get somewhere.

I’m constantly wondering if my writing is good enough, if I’m a good enough performer, or if I’m even a good enough person.

But as Nathan Zed says, “Growth begins with accepting yourself as enough.”

I am definitely enough, and you are definitely enough. 

So let’s lock arms, put our heads down, and get wherever it is we wanna go!