9. On One Hand, and Another Hand, and a Third Hand

Sometimes, I feel like failure is knowledge.

Like, “I know this would end poorly if I decide to do it, so I probably shouldn’t.”

On one hand

Like people say, you can’t doubt yourself, and you can’t be afraid of failure, and even if you do fail, there’s still things you can learn. And that’s all definitely true.

But on the other hand

Failing at something you care about is the absolute worst feeling. Which is why people (like me) can sometimes be afraid of failure and taking risks.

But on another, third hand

There are so many things to be afraid of not doing well. I’ve always thought that failure is inherent to writing. Like, you’re working on scenes, trying to get everything from the story, to the language, to the punctuation, perfect.

But it absolutely never turns out that way. And that’s okay. That’s essentially what the drafting process is. Just writing and writing and trying different things until it eventually works out.

So failure is just success pending.

Being afraid of failure is kind of like just being afraid of success in disguise. Which makes sense, because it’s disguised, you know?

But sometimes, when you care about something, you gotta blindly go for it and do your best. It is understandably scary, but also thrilling sometimes.

The fear of failure drives a lot of things.

Let’s not let it drive us, though.

Don’t let it call shotgun either.

Let’s toss that fool in the backseat.

Or stuff it in the trunk.

We’ve got places to go. Get in!