7. How to Breathe in 5 Easy Steps


If you’re like me, and you find yourself swallowed up in projects and activities that you love, sometimes you can forget to breathe.

As we all know, human beings can’t go very long without breathing. So here is a guide on how to breathe in five (5) easy steps for the next time that you (or I) forget how to do it.

1. Remember why you are doing what you are doing

Because if you’ve forgotten what reason you have to be doing whatever you are doing, then forgetting how to breathe will be a breeze.

2. Consider taking a different approach

Because sometimes the way you are doing things could be an inefficient use of that precious breath that you have.

3. Try to sort out some priorities

Because nobody is literally thinking about breathing 100% of the time. There are almost always more important things to worry about. But when you get exhausted, remembering to breathe should be near the top of your priority list.

4. Ask for help if you feel like you can’t breathe

Because sometimes, there is not enough time to take a step back. But having someone to breathe deep breaths in and out with you can help you remember how to do it on your own

5.  If all else fails, listen to “Breathe” from In the Heights

Because it is a top-ten musical theatre song of ALL TIME and I’m free to argue with anyone about that.

Alright. Good luck. You know what to do.