4. An Urban Legend

Several times when I’ve been in an Octets-related meeting, somebody has said something along the lines of “Oh wow, you’re super organized! You really seem to know what you’re doing!”

Out loud, I respond, “Wow, thanks!” :) 

In my head I’m like:

Oh really? That’s HILARIOUS because I DON’T. I absolutely DON’T. I never ever know what I am d o i n g

I’ve never had any extensive training in writing, directing, acting, leading, or literally anything else that I have ever done.

To any future friends/acquaintances/co-workers/employers/employees, let. me. be. very. clear: I have no clue if I am doing whatever I am doing correctly.

There’s nothing wrong with that, though, RIGHT???

On a more serious and level-headed note

Fortunately/Unfortunately, there’s not an index that you can reference in order to definitively determine whether or not what you’re writing, performing, or directing is any good. It's fortunate because not having to follow a strict set of rules is freeing in a way. It's unfortunate because of the abundant ambiguity.

Of course, there is research you can do to learn more about theories, and people you can observe to influence your work, but for the most part, an archetype for an artist is an urban legend. And that's okay.

At the core of being an artist (at least for me), are things like thinking on your feet and figuring out the most effective way to communicate an idea. Those things are so dependent on differing situations and personalities, that getting practice at it is the best way to improve.

Or maybe I’m wrong. I should just shut up and go sign up for a creative writing class or something.

P.S. If anybody ever knows what they are doing, please, please give me a call.