1.Welcome to the Site ft. The Question

Hello! Glad you're here!

My name is Austin and I've spent the majority of the past three years writing a musical called Octets. As the librettist and proverbial ring-leader of this monster creative project, I've spent nearly every day in recent memory bringing Octets to fruition. This is the first blog post. Welcome to our website!

If you haven't taken a self-guided tour of our lil corner of the internet yet, this is a place where you can read up on the history of our show, listen to new music, and read fun blog posts ~like these~. With these posts, I (and others) will provide insights into our journey in taking a musical from a blank page to the big stage, and the growth, connections, success, and failure that we experience along the way.

Alright alright ENOUGH with the exposition

Definitely the question I've gotten the most in the months since our first production in April is some variation of "What's the next step for you guys?" Great question. 10/10.  Fantastic. One small issue though--I'm never sure how to answer it. So I usually respond with a noticeably shaky laugh, a half-smile, and a mysterious "We'll seeee... ;)" 

Come to think of it, I'm not really even sure what qualifies as a "next step". Is it a step up to something bigger, better, and more exciting? Or is it a step down to laying low, developing a portfolio by recording music, putting together things like this website and blog, and carefully planning a couple ideas out to make a big, well-thought out splash?

Obviously it's the latter. Next time someone asks, I'm answering with that. 

Long story short, I've got something really exciting in the works.